Boxing Combinations For Cardio Kickboxing

One of the differences between a trained martial artist and a streetfighter is the time spent practicing sequences or combinations of moves. The idea being to not just hit, but to reflexively hit in sequences of three or four moves. It is far more effective to barrage an opponent with a rapid sequence of blows than to just punch them once. That way if they block the first, or the first two, there is still something coming in to get them. Makes a big difference.This reflexive reaction of hitting in sequences is only learned through lots of repetition and drills, performing the sequence over and over until it is an automatic reflex. Cardio kickboxing is an ideal way to do this. In fact many of the patterns in cardio kickboxing come from such drills.Offered as food for thought, here are a variety of real-world combinations from boxing. All are oriented around smooth rotation around the spine, swinging the shoulders so that each punch winds up for the next. If you are a student, look for them in your class. If you are an instructor, perhaps they will provide food for thought in developing new choreography.- One of the most basic, and effective, combinations is the Jab-Cross-Jab. To make it a four count, add a knee so it becomes Jab-Cross-Jab-Knee. This is a usually a staple in cardio kickboxing classes.- An interesting variation is to change it up to a Jab-Cross-Hook-Duck.- On of my favorites (I rarely teach a class without it) is a four punch sequence – Jab-Cross-Hook-Uppercut. A good variation is Jab-Uppercut-Hook-Cross.- Another very effective combo is Hook-Cross-Hook. Add a duck or a front kick to make it a four-count.- Hook-Uppercut-Hook: Very much like the Hook-Cross-Hook. Try intermixing the two combo’s.A cycle I use is to start at a slow pace on one side, then double-up the count, then switch sides and go back to a slow pace, then double-up. Looks like:Jab-and-cross-and-hook-and-up, Jab-and-cross-and-hook-and-up, , then double-up to Jab-cross-hook-up, jab-cross-hook-up, and so on…After you get some basic combinations down, start doubling up the jabs, or stringing the different combinations together. You will start to find what works and will be able to modify them to work for you

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