Aerobics Vs Weightlifting – Know The Difference

Many people think that aerobic exercises are better than weight lifting, because it burns more body fat and is less primitive. It is true that you burn more body fat during aerobic exercise, but the benefits of an end shortly after aerobic exercise. So in some circles, aerobic exercise is better than weight lifting.Strength training, also known as weight lifting, however, keeps your metabolism alive long after training has finished. Look at it this way, weight training is as a salary (the payment of their work is rewarded in the long term), while aerobic exercise is the premium (slightly more if it decides to work).The most common myths of weight loss can be heard from beginning to end in our daily lives. Women, for example, thinking that men do not care about their weight because they believe it is the norm. It is also believed by women that men do not diet as often as they do. Men tend to believe that weight loss, like a military operation, is something that should be done only when really necessary. They’ll cut some slack in a bit of fat around the waist, but when things get out of line, men are ready for action.The problem arises when we are faced with hundreds of possible ways to lose those extra pounds with the least amount of discomfort and complications. Well, problem solved. The following are eight myths of weight loss that we, as men often feel taken for granted. Dropping a few pounds will be a snap once you get rid of these common myths of weight loss. The benefit of weight training most notable example of research is the effect of age-investment. Subjects who had only moderate weight training routines demonstrated muscle mass, cardiovascular endurance, coordination and bone density similar to those that were 20 years his junior.This result is believed to be due in part to increased secretion of growth hormone. Other benefits include increased metabolism, increased muscle mass, decrease body fat, decreased risk of osteoporosis, stronger connective tissue, increased joint stability, and harder for everyday activities. Weight training also improves balance and coordination.Cardio or aerobic capacity increases both heart and lungs and causes your body to produce a greater number of blood vessels. As a result, more nutrients and oxygen are delivered to each cell, while toxins and waste products are quickly removed from your body.The net result is that gain more energy and ability to perform both physically and mentally. cardio fitness program helps your strength training by allowing you to lift more intensely for longer periods before fatigue than lactic acid burn you. It is a hallmark of the runners high that often occurs with the activity of more than 40 minutes or more, probably as a result of natural endorphin production caused by aerobic exercise. Oh, and another thing – the cardio burns fat!One interesting difference between the performance of cardio-respiratory and strength training lies in the equipment we use to help our training. Although the issue is debated, it appears that strength training is the best equipment with the assistance of non-based machine (free weights, dumbbells, etc), while cardiovascular activity is better assisted by machines.

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